Some recent favorite roles include Katherine in the short film “Do You Really Want To Do This?”, shot in the desert of Joshua Tree, California, as well as Lucy in the short film “SPLAT” in Cincinnati. Alongside her theatrical film career, Chloé continues to perform in social media ads for various brands and products. From skincare, to candy, to video games, she delivers product lines in a relatable fashion, intriguing viewers worldwide. When not in front of the camera, Chloé enjoys playing video games, spending time in nature, taking care of her two cats — Pixie and Power, and dreaming of her beloved cat Aki chasing birds up in the clouds.

Chloé's passion for self-expression shines through in a multitude of ways. Whether that is through makeup, fashion, performing, or visual arts, she always finds a way to portray the most authentic version of herself. One of her favorite ways to create compelling art is to combine all of these passions into one, presenting memorable and visceral characters that audiences want to know more about.